The Interior

Welcome to our house….Get comfortable, this tour may take awhile, I plan to cover all 176 square feet! I didn’t go into depth on each photo so feel free to ask us questions.  I didn’t show the loft in this set but will do that in the near future…

Though we started to joke that we may end up in a Wal-Mart parking lot, that is definitely not the case! Our house sits on a 1/2 acre lot that looks out onto a huge park in SW Portland, we are very fortunate to have such an ideal location in the neighborhood we love.
We Just installed our little fireplace, the Dickinson P9000 propane marine stove
This is a salvaged RV stove/oven that we found on craigslist. So far it has worked great!
The pop-out we built over the trailer tongue allowed us to have a washer/dryer and some extra counter space in the bathroom. The Splendide 2100XC: a vented washer/dryer miracle machine.
Another Craigslist find was our ‘apartment size’ refrigerator. So glad we went with something this size rather than a mini-fridge, it always feels like we have plenty of space.
Our original shower was a galvanized stock tank for the basin, full of rustic charm but an epic failure. We realized the base was leaking and decided not to risk it. This new basin definitely makes the shower bigger which is great.
You don’t always know if your decisions make sense until you live in a space and realize what works and what doesn’t. I am so happy we went with a good sized single basin sink in the kitchen. The faucet, is from a recycled building supply store, sink is from ikea.
_IGP3483_IGP3514 It took awhile to find the right couch, one that converts into a bed, is comfortable, small, and looks good. This one has the option to have the arms at 3 different levels so it becomes more compact when needed.

photo 1-5
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32 thoughts on “The Interior

  1. I really love this home you’ve created. Will you be uploading more photos on the overhead spaces? Also, how does the deck work? I’ve seen many tiny houses with decks on them but you can’t travel with it lowered, right? Is it hinged?


    1. Thanks Renee! I will be adding photos of the loft in the near future. As for the deck, we added that once the house was parked at it’s location. We won’t be moving the house often so we opted to build a slightly larger deck that we can disassemble when necessary.


  2. I LOVE the color gradation on the stairs! Everything looks so amazing and put together compared to the video you had on YouTube. You guys have really been working hard! Love it!


  3. I love this version, and I’ve looked at many! Can you say how much it cost to build, how you live in it with laws against living in mobile homes permanently, and how you handle water and power?


    1. Hi Cynthia,
      We estimate our total cost at about $18,000. As far as the local laws, we are lucky enough to live in a community that has taken a supportive stance on the Tiny House movement. Each area will have their own laws and thoughts on the matter. For our water we have a direct water hookup to our house plumed off of the water supply for the property we are on. Our house is powered off a 20 amp circuit supplied from the other residence on the property. Let us know if you have any other questions.
      Chelsea and Adam


  4. This is beautiful. How much did everything total to in the end? I’m intrigued. Looks like you guys went all out — smartly. I’m in process of designing a unique camper trailer. Feel free to email me privately if you don’t want to post publicly. Warm regards.


  5. Thanks for the pic’s, everything looks amazing! Will you do another tiny house tour video now it is done?? Thanks for some more inspiration for my own tiny house design.


  6. Chels!!! I absolutely love your home. So many great things about it. Of course you and Adam would do this. The space utilization is amazing, lower carbon footprint, saving money, getting back to basics. Im home this christmas, may I have a tour? Love and miss you, Lexi


  7. Hi! I love your home. I’m wondering where you found your great & multifunctional couch? I’m in the beginning stages of designing my tiny and yours is truly inspirational. Thanks for sharing!


  8. I saw on your YouTube video that you were planning a stock tank for the bathtub/shower area, but it looks like you went with a traditional shower pan. If so, why did you change your mind? We’re considering the stock tank and curious if you ran into problems? I also love the graduated color on the stairs – really unique!


    1. Hi Karen,

      We originally installed a galvanized tub but had issues with it, we thought the seal was sufficient but it ended up not working, having a flat bottom isn’t ideal and in the end we didnt want to risk water damage so we installed a regular basin. Im sure there are ways of making it work, and there may be tips online. Let me know if you find a way!


  9. Hi Chelsea 🙂

    You’re tiny home is beautiful! I came across an article covering your story on how you went about building it and was curious if you could share with me what book it was that you found that made you want to do this. I’ve always wanted to do it but just a little intimidated since I live in Chicago and you don’t see much of that here lol Thank you SO much for being so generous with information on how you built it. I would love to eventually join the Tiny Home Movement myself some day 🙂


    1. Thanks!
      The book I happened to find was ‘Tiny Homes: Simple Shelters’ by Lloyd Kahn. It wasn’t a how-to but it was my first exposure to the idea of a tiny house and that is what inspired me to do it. Check it out and hopefully it will do the same!


  10. LOVE IT ❤
    After a lot of research this is one of my favourite. A lot of space and really colorful. I think it doesn't feel like a tiny house, does it?
    I feel inspired!
    Greetings from Belgium, Diet en Lien.


  11. Hello Chelsea!

    My boyfriend and I are absolutely IN LOVE with your tiny house! We have been planing our own tiny house for a few months now and yours is by far one of our favorite designs. We were curious about what the loft looks like. The loft in the center is such a unique feature. Is it possible you could post a photo? Congratulations on such a beautiful home! 🙂 Cara


      1. Wonderful layout and design!! My husband and I are in the beginning stages of making the move to a “tiny” lifestyle and I found your home to be very inspirational. I too am very curious how the loft looks… Would love to see more photos of your tiny home now that you’ve had a chance to break it in ;)… Would you mind sharing your review of some of your appliances/fixtures? How do you like the Splendide washer/dryer combo? The marine stove? And I’m not sure if you mentioned it somewhere, but did you go with a composting toilet? Thank you for sharing as much of your journey as you already have!

        Liked by 1 person

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