Lots to Love

When we first set our minds on building this house we didn’t want to lose excitement or give up on the idea so we became very focused…for me this came in the form of finding small things and exclaiming “This would be PERFECT for the tiny house” like the small utensils pictured below.  Adam’s method was simply saying “Tiny House” at random points throughout the day to keep us on the right track and avoid any fading enthusiasm. It seemed to have worked!

useful equipment: only smaller
Very first purchase for the house: mini tongs and spatula

A Few of the Things We Love:

  • Tiny House Jokes– Adam and I don’t take ourselves too seriously, and if we did we would have to stop immediately because living in a tiny house is hilarious, not only is everything in general more humorous when done in a tiny house but there are naturally situations that occur that are pretty darn ridiculous and we love to entertain our friends and ourselves whenever possible. http://vimeo.com/dawnjones/small-house
  • Delighting curious strangers with a tour– Our house faces the park which attracts lots of pedestrians, I’ll never forget the first morning waking up in the house… realizing that two cars and a small gathering of people had formed on the edge of the lawn. It was odd feeling on display at first but we learned to embrace it, or at-least laugh at it. We get questions like: “That’s a garden shed right?” or “Is that one of those IKEA houses?” Once in a while we meet strangers that we are especially fond of and we invite them in to see the house (which never takes too long).  
  • Company: One of the biggest challenges of living here is not having the freedom to have as many people over as we would like.  We reach our capacity pretty quick around here but having people over has been one of the highlights in the house so far.  It’s always our closest friends, the ones up for an adventure.  I love being a gracious host as much as the next person but some luxuries just aren’t possible when you are working within these dimensions.  Our conversion rate is solid with 2 of the 4 visitors on their way to building their own tiny houses.
Garret, Carlee and Cooper
unnamed 3
My sister Katie and her boyfriend Alex
unnamed 2
Playing Games Taking Names
  • Laying with our heads out of the window in the loft- We haven’t installed the skylight yet so this is the next best stargazing option and it’s awesome!
  • Watching sunsets from the deck– Nothing makes an Excel report seem more enjoyable than this view.


  • Watching our dog find the most plush places in the house to plant herself:
If there is a cozy blanket or soft surface this dog can find it and work her way under it!
If there is a cozy blanket or soft surface this dog can find it and work her way under it!
  • Turkish Bath Towels– These things were made for tiny houses.  I’ve actually always wanted these, tiny house or not, they look awesome and the colors are far superior to any normal towel I have seen.  They are very light and don’t take up as much space.  They are made from a curly cotton that is extra absorbent and quick drying.  I don’t think I’ll ever go back to regular towels even if I had a bathroom the size of two tiny houses.  http://www.indigotraders.comTurkish TowelsTurkish Towels

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