I Married a Cabinet Maker

You know when you are really busy in life and you still find time to build cabinets all by hand? Me either…but I live with a mythical creature who did just that. _IGP4794 There were a few things that didn’t get finished in the house before Adam started Academy, the biggest was the kitchen cabinets.  Until now we just had open shelves beneath the countertop, which worked fine, just didn’t look as nice as finished cabinets.  I didn’t think Adam would have the time to try his hand at custom cabinetry, but a couple of months ago he decided to start working on them.  He likes having projects to work on and it seemed to be a nice break from studying and thinking about work.  Though he has never built cabinets he did an amazing job!  He added some great features that we couldn’t have had when purchasing pre-made cabinets.

IMG_0883 I would give the cabinet-maker 6 stars out of 5 on yelp
They are the same color as the exterior of the house
Countertop is birch butcher block from ikea
The bottom drawer is designed for dog bowls, they will be recessed in and out-of-the-way when needed.
Leaving the drawer half-open for access to the water dish will be much better than having it on the floor and constantly kicking it over!

Another update we did recently was to paint the exposed plywood walls. Originally we had white washed the plywood and really liked the look of seeing the wood grain, but after a few months it seemed like the walls looked more yellow than white. We realized that we probably should have put a stain-blocker on first to seal the wood and prevent any oils in the wood from bleeding through. We ended up putting on a coat of stain-blocker and then painting all the walls the same color (Designer White). I really liked the wood walls but this made a big difference visually, it looks more finished and brighter overall.


I recently discovered Stikwood and think this will be the next addition to the back wall in the house.  If you haven’t seen this stuff check it out, I recently discovered it and wish I had known all along! It is real wood but cut super thin, it has adhesive backing so you can create accent walls, headboards, anything really!  http://www.stikwood.com


This pullout is great for stool seating
I think its safe to say Jesse has fully adjusted and is enjoying her small domain

8 thoughts on “I Married a Cabinet Maker

  1. Your home is beautiful. I love the color scheme. Where do you guys keep your clothes and will you be showing pictures of the sleeping loft?

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    1. Thanks! We have some clothing storage in the loft as well as in the small storage loft above the couch, I haven’t taken pictures yet of the loft mostly because we haven’t finished it completely, there is a space for skylight but it hasn’t been installed etc. I have had several requests so I will work on getting those up despite the imperfections!


  2. Very nice!!! I could not have done that nice a job in a month. The slide out eating tray is great. Much better than a swing up surface.

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  3. ADORABLE! You’ve made me want to build my own tiny house! I’ve watched your tiny house tour video on Youtube a dozen times haha! Love it!


  4. Beautiful house! I agree with the other commentors about your layout and I would be first in line if you ever do decide to publish/sell your plans! Portland College has an architecture program. Maybe you could find a student that would be interested in creating the plans in return for including it in their portfolio?
    I’ve written a post about your house on my blog http://www.giftofless.com. I hope you post another entry soon to tell us if you are still planning to build the upper deck, if you decided to go with the Stickwood and what your upper loft(s) look like now.
    Thanks for sharing your story!


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