Adam and Chelsea live in Portland, OR in a tiny house they designed and built.  Adam is a Firefighter/Paramedic who happens to be a crafty craftsman.  Chelsea is a tech-rep for a running shoe company.  We don’t plan on living in the tiny house long-term but for now with just the two of us, our dog, and our sense of adventure it has turned out to be the perfect place to call home!

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  1. I came across your youtube video on your tiny house and just loved your design! I have thinking about starting a layout for a tiny house but was frustrated when I didn’t find anyone with a tiny house that was the size I imagined! Yours, so far, has been so true to what I want almost down to the color schemes. Can you guys comment back possibly and give me your dimensions? The size is perfect and I would like to get started on plans of my own and start making a design all my own. But sizing is something I struggled with. You guys are amazing for following what you want! Thank you!
    Madison Chandler


    1. Thanks Madison!

      So happy we could help you with deaign ideas, that is definitely a challenge when working with so little space! We have a 8x22ft trailer. The layout we went with allows the main living spaces to feel larger, having the loft above the front door allows for vaulted ceilings above the kitchen and living room, the downside is less space in the loft, but we have really liked the design and havent felt cramped with the open layout. Hope that helps!!


  2. Any chance you will be doing a video tour one of these days? Love the Tiny House but it is sort of difficult to visualize the whole thing through just the pictures!


  3. Hello, my wife and I have be thinking of tiny homes and were wondering a few things. Like for instance, your water and electrical hookups. Also how did you go about finding a place to park? We are both students in Portland and don’t know how long we will be here and know we will be moving, so a tiny house sound like it would fit our lives pretty well. We’ve moved around quite a bit in the last few years so we are very interested in the tiny lifestyle.


  4. I absolutely love your house! This is my favorite by far. Do you have pictures of the loft though? I would really love to see that.


  5. So your house layout exactly what I want it almost scares me. I know you designed it yourself but I was wondering if you had plan you would be willing to sell.

    P.S. Love the fridge.


  6. Yours tiny house its the most beautiful one that i have ever see!!! I will like to know if it possible to give the dimension of every piece or copy of the plan. …And I do not see the room in the pictures, and I see just one video on youtube of your tiny house. Do you have more?… Yours tiny house its wonderful! Myriane, Quebec, Canada.


  7. Hi Chelsea,
    amazing house! Kudos to you both! I’m looking to build one like this, wondering how much did you spend total? Thank you


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