Summertime and the Living is Easy

Sunday was the official start of summer and typically living in Portland means a sense of desperation by the time June roles around.  The rain and clouds sometimes make their way into what should be the summer and it makes a person ready for some much needed sunshine. This was one of our dilemmas when considering life in a very small space. We moved in at the end of July last year and wondered if the first few months were so enjoyable simply because we spent so much time outside. Picturing the weather changing and the use of outdoor space declining made me wonder how it would change our feelings for the house. We will be coming up on a full year soon and I am happy to report the weather never gave us cabin fever.  There is nothing like a cozy space with lots of windows that has everything you need or want.  We have actually had an unusually nice year in Portland and it has felt like summer has been brewing since February. But…I won’t say I am not excited for the gloriousness, the magic, the pure bliss of summer in Portland, OR.

FullSizeRender (8)IMG_4330I have a passion for summer, I put summer on a pedestal.  Summer represents all things fun, amazing, and carefree.  I get a thrill from seeing rhubarb in the store because to me nothing says summer is coming like rhubarb for sale.  Before the start of summer I like to make a list of things I want to do while the weather is nice, things like berry picking, backpacking trip, Brew-cycle, sunset picnics, paddle boarding, and the list goes on.  Often it is too much to accomplish in one summer but it inspires us to take advantage of any free time we do have.

Our plan has been to live in the tiny house for at least a year before purchasing a house, then use the tiny house in our future backyard to rent on Airbnb.  Adam will be done with Academy in July and we have decided that a couple months of good old-fashioned summer fun are much needed.  Last summer Adam built this house while working full time and with our current plans of buying a house to re-model, it would be nice for him to have some time between Academy and home renovations.  Plus, we love it here and can’t think of a better place to spend the summer.  We live next to a 90 acre park so it feels like we are surrounded by nature, on the other side of us we have a lively neighborhood with restaurants and bars that we love walking to on summer evenings.  

This year has gone by so fast, but it feels like we really lived it to the fullest.  Looking back at pictures from this year I realized how many new things we did or became interested in.  Adam is really into fly fishing, and I mean REALLY.  I climbed my first mountain with my dad.  I think the tiny house has a lot to do with it.  Its amazing how fast a year can go by, and when you reflect on it nothing out of the ordinary happened, it just got filled with the day-to-day busyness that all seems to blur together.  That still happens occasionally and in no way am I suggesting I have unlocked the secret to living life.  I just think we have had the opportunity to be less in our own world and more out in the world.  Without being surrounded by a larger house filled with our belongings that remind us “I really need to finish that project” or “why did I buy that” we can focus more on the moment and how we ultimately want to be spending our time.

I hope you all have a memorable summer!

Adam & Chelsea

FullSizeRender (7)
The garden beds Adam built
This was in the Spring, BLOOMS out every window!
FullSizeRender (9)
Our resident fireman
Our resident porch sitter

11 thoughts on “Summertime and the Living is Easy

  1. Wow – a year already? Thanks for sharing your reflections on your first year in the tiny house, Chelsea. You and Adam have created a beautiful home and couldn’t have chosen a better location for small space living. So glad you’re enjoying it….and summer!


  2. Loved reading your post neighbor! You and Adam have had some amazing adventures for sure, with many more to come. Bring on summer time!


  3. You guys are a true inspiration to me. Having just found your blog, I have just spent the last two hours absorbing everything. I have been thinking of a tiny house for two years now, and your story and your build have made me get off the fence. Im going to get a trailer and start this as soon as I get back home next week. I love your house so much, I want to duplicate a few things you did. Since you dont have a plan available, I am curious, what is the length of your living space until you reach the kitchen? Also, I love the dark panels on the exterior, but I never heard mention what they are. Thank you so much and thank you for inspiring me.
    Bryan Sandesr

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    1. Thanks Ben! I am so excited to hear that. Glad we could help get you off the fence. We are so glad we took a chance and went for it and know you will be too! It is about 13 ft. from the back wall to the kitchen. Our siding on the front is James Hardie Fiber Cement Siding Panels. Let us know if there is anything else you are interested in knowing! Best of luck…



  4. Your Tiny House is AWESOME!!! It is probably the best one I have seen anywhere. We are in South Africa and Tiny Houses are just becoming a thing here, although not on trailers. I love the idea, gotta show my husband yours.
    Thank you for sharing. Will you post pics of your loft any time soon?

    Lizzie 🙂


  5. Hi Chelsea and Adam!
    I’m not sure if you are still living in your tiny house, but I just found your site via a post on FB and I love it! I recently moved to Portland (actually I think just about a mile away from where your house is – based on the Indigo Traders and 90 acre park references.) I’ve wanted to build a tiny house for years and still hope to someday. Your story was definitely an inspiration! Congrats!

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  6. Just stumbled across this tiny house, really cute and lots of features I like. Coincidentally I live in Eugene (since June 2014) and my youngest daughter is transferring from San Francisco to Portland next month. She has recently become obsessed with Tiny Homes, and had no idea that I’ve also been obsessing for a lot longer. I am curious about where you are located. I’m not asking for your address!, just wondering how one goes about finding a place to rent/park their Tiny Home. I guess you don’t need sewer hookups, but what about electricity and water? I have the impression Portland is tiny home-friendly. My daughter is dreaming of getting one built to live in but I would like her to tour a few and see the reality up close to find whether that would be something for her. She is very interested in the economy of it, especially after having lived in $$$ SF for the last 1-1/2 years!


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